Block was a line commemorating the routine garments worn by Americans during the end of the 20th century. The collection looks beyond the popularized styles of the decade, focusing on ordinary garments that went unnoticed. Each garment was flat patterned and tailored to the model. The fabrics of Block were recycled, and include canvas, upholstery fabric, and t-shirt jersey. They were bleached and then hand-dyed. In all, about 30 yards of fabric were manipulated over the course of 7 months. Other materials included knit ribbing, overall buckles, and brass snaps. Every item worn, save for shoes and underwear, were made by my hands. The essence of Block is the appreciation of the everyday. In documentation and performance the models were asked to be themselves and do what would come naturally. They were given basic direction but emphasis was placed on what would make them feel most comfortable in their looks.